How to look younger: Thicker hair in minutes with natural hack – 'add pressure'


There are many products on the market that create the illusion of thicker hair, and others that promise to make hair grow faster and thicker. However, according to one expert, you do not need to purchase any new products for luscious locks.

Facial yoga practitioner Victoria Adams spoke exclusively to about how women can massage their way to thicker, healthier hair.

As we age, hair density unfortunately decreases and individual hair strands become thinner, with hair growth also slowing down.

Major stresses in life can also cause hair to fall out prematurely, and some sufferers of long Covid have even reported this as a symptom.

However, massaging your scalp for just a few minutes a day can dramatically slow down the thinning process and make you look younger, according to Victoria.

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A study called Treating female pattern hair loss published by Harvard Medical School cited Minoxidil as a treatment, as it dilates blood vessels.

Victoria explained that scalp massage is another way to dilate these blood vessels at home.

Victoria explained: “Every hair starts with the hair follicle, where the bulk of the hair sits, in and around the scalp. And a good supply of blood is essential to healthy hair growth.

“So the scalp massage will cause the blood vessels under the skin to dilate, which will generate more blood flow to the area.


“That stimulation actually stretches out the cells of the hair follicles which can cause the follicles to produce thicker hair strands as they’ve been stretched out.”

And massaging the head does not have to be a huge undertaking – it can be as simple as a few minutes every day to see some “quality hair” come through.

But Victoria warned that while of course you should apply pressure to the head, it should “never be painful” and certainly not draw blood.

She recommended massaging all over the head, not just the hairline – urging them not to neglect the back of the head, the sides and where the hair is closest to the neck.

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Massaging the scalp can also unclog hair follicles that are blocked with sebum, allowing more hair to grow.

So how exactly can women – and men – go about strengthening and thickening their hair with massage?

Head massage can be done on dry hair – with clean hands – or in the shower with shampoo.

She said: “If you’re putting shampoo in your hair, there’s nothing stopping you from using a more invigorating massage technique while you’re doing it.

“Use a kneading action with the pads of your fingers. Take your time, don’t be afraid to add pressure and move slowly.”

After using scalp massage to grow luscious, thick locks, the next issue is how to keep your longer hair healthy.

Victoria suggested using hair oil on the very tips of your hair, to protect it from breaking off.

“Putting oil on the ends of the hair is a really good way of strengthening it and protecting it and discouraging the breakage.”

To avoid looking greasy, Victoria avoids using oil on the top of her head unless she plans on washing it that day.

Some key ingredients to look out for are rosemary oil, caffeine-induced products, castor oil and lavender oil.

Victoria’s final tip was to stay away from tight hairbands wherever’s possible, due to the risk of traction alopecia – hair loss caused by being repeatedly pulled on.


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