How to Start a Coffee Shop From Scratch

Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop

The coffee business is encountering a growth phase since many of the new generations are becoming interested in not only coffee but top-quality gourmet coffee that they can just get from a coffee shop.

Around 400 million cups of coffee are poured each day in the U.S. and 62% of coffee drinkers admit to having at least one per day. That adds up to a great deal of mojo. Coffee has long been a staple of American everyday life and the trend indicates no signs of slowing down in the near future.

Due to higher interest in coffee, it’s an excellent time to consider starting a coffee shop or cafe. So, if you’re interested in opening a coffee shop, but not sure what to begin with, we created this article to detail the key steps you must follow to set up your coffee shop.

Conduct Research

Before you make a decision that you want to open a coffee shop, you need to conduct thorough research. The research will show you if there is a need for fine coffee shops in your neighborhood, if you’ll be able to compete with local businesses, and if you’ll be able to afford to own a commercial business.

You have to pay special attention to competitor analysis and understand if coffee shops in the neighborhood are independent or franchises.

Furthermore, if you don’t have any experience in the food service sector but you’re interested in opening a coffee shop, you should consider talking to other business owners in the area. That way, you will obtain some advice before you start creating your business plan.

Write a Business Plan

The procedure of creating a business plan will help you really understand the local market and closely examine the numbers you need to make your business succeed.

A coffee shop business plan can guide you through every phase of developing and managing your coffee shop and will serve as a guideline for how to form, operate, and grow your business.

There’s a lot to take into account, so search online for a coffee shop business plan example, and take your time to plan each of the needed aspects of your business. It will help you get settled for success.

Find a Source for Your Coffee Beans

Serving top-quality coffee is the most crucial aspect of running a coffee shop, so finding a great source of coffee beans is a necessity. The majority of the coffee shops buy their coffee beans wholesale from a coffee bean roaster, and you must be very specific when looking for a roaster.

Begin with making a list of all the coffee bean types you want, and don’t be shy about getting down to the tiniest detail to ensure you’re prepared for everything. From here, you can start researching coffee bean suppliers until you locate the ones you love and fit with your philosophy.

Find a Commercial Space

Finding the appropriate commercial space for your coffee shop is crucial, and a good location will ensure that your cafe experiences a constant stream of customers coming in. When looking at potential spaces take into account things like demographics, vicinity to your target demographic, distance from suppliers, competitors, regulations, and zoning.

Additionally, you’ll need to consider some things about the space itself:

  • Is there sufficient room in the kitchen?
  • Are there required gas, drain, and water lines previously installed?
  • Is there enough pedestrian traffic on the streets?
  • Is the front-of-shop area big enough to make a comfortable meeting space?

Once you find your perfect location, it’s highly recommendable to hire a lawyer to assist you with negotiations and to ensure all the necessary documentation and regulations are filled out.

File for Permits and Licenses

There are plenty of permits and licenses your coffee shop will need before you can offer service to customers. The licenses and permits your cafe needs and how to acquire them differ by city and state, so check with your local government to make sure you have all the documentation in order. In addition, waiting for approval on your permits might take a while, so make sure to plan ahead and provide yourself with a generous amount of wait time.

Order Your Coffee Shop Equipment

Top-quality coffee equipment is basically a must for any coffee shop that wants to really thrive. Although some types of equipment might vary from cafe to cafe, there are several pieces of equipment that each cafe needs. So, get familiar with what kind of coffee shop equipment you need, then make a list so it’s easy to remember precisely what you need when opening your cafe.

Final Words

After developing a business plan, finding a location, and acquiring the necessary equipment and personnel, you are finally prepared to open your coffee shop. Be sure to promote it on social media and in local publications prior to its formal opening to generate interest.


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