'Hundreds of thousands' evacuated from Shanghai as typhoon causes mass power cut in China

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Ahead of its landfall, Chinese authorities had evacuated hundreds of thousands of people from coastal areas of the city as they braced for the onslaught. The south of the city, which serves as a global financial hub, was projected to bear the brunt of the tropical storm.

Shanghai issued the second-highest level typhoon warning and all flights in and out of the city were cancelled.

High-speed train services were suspended and residents living in inland areas of the city 26 million are battening down the hatches.

Footage posted on social media showed dark gloomy skies as In-Fa prepared to roll in.

Hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated from the city’s coastal areas and more than 100,000 civil servants and workers were deployed to create flood barriers for homes and buildings.

Nearly 500,00 residents were moved to shelters, and others have been told not to leave home unless absolutely necessary.

As air travel was brought to a halt, Shanghai port bosses also took precautionary measures.

Thousands of boats were evacuated from the port, which serves as one of the busiest shipping hubs on the globe.

The US consulate in Shanghai was among those where bosses told staff to go home.

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The city’s authorities said 30,000 trees had been uprooted by the severe storm.

In-Fa also swept up some 268 billboards and shop signs along its path.

More than 110,000 people were experiencing power cuts and 12,7000 homes were without electricity.

At noon, Typhoon In-Fa was centred around 37 miles to the southwest of the city.

So far, no deaths or injuries have been reported.

However, damage to farms is expected to be significant.

Before tearing through Zhanshan and Shanghai, In-Fa had brought heavy rain to Taiwan.

The storm is expected to move north-northwesterly further inland, weakening steadily as it continues on its path.

There is no difference between hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons except their location.

Hurricanes are tropical storms that form over the North Atlantic Ocean and Northeast Pacific while cyclones appear over the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

Typhoons on the other hand are formed over the Northwest Pacific Ocean.

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