'I actually save money’: Motorist claims to spend less after ditching 'utter rubbish' E10

When E10 petrol launched onto forecourts in September, the Government heralded the change, saying it was a “greener” fuel. It said E10 would not be more expensive at the pump than current standard petrol.

It continued saying E10 petrol can marginally impact fuel economy, although this would generally only be around one percent.

Other factors like the weight of the car and the driving style are more likely to have a bigger impact on the fuel economy.

Despite this, many have seen their fuel economy drop dramatically.

A driver on Twitter, using the handle duncanda51, said they had seen a large reduction in the efficiency of their car.

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“I’ve worked out that if I use higher priced E5 fuel and can get back to my normal mpg, I’ll actually save money.”

Latest data from RAC Fuel Watch shows that the price of petrol has dropped slightly from its peak in November to an average cost of 146.75p per litre.

In comparison, super unleaded can be bought for 158.91p per litre, although this price, along with petrol and diesel, is expected to fall.

The RAC has called on UK supermarkets like Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, as well as retailers to pass on cost savings to motorists when they can be made.

“Struggling to break 40mpg on anything long distance these days at motorway speeds, where mid to high 40’s possible previously on E5.”

A third commenter, Louis, questioned whether E10 is as efficient as it has been claimed.

They asked: “Is this new E10 petrol just water because I put 40 quid in, drive up the road & the fuel light comes on?”

E10 has replaced E5 as the standard grade of unleaded fuel, with the former being reclassified as “super” unleaded.

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