'I bet it’s not that spicy': McDonald's McSpicy burger causes heated customer debate

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The McSpicy Burger costs £5.49. McDonald’s is providing a free bottle of Happy Meal Milk with the burger to combat the heat.

The burger features a chicken fillet cooked with a spicy marinade with a crispy coating.

Lettuce and mayo make up the rest of the filling, pressed between sesame seed buns.

Some doubt McDonald’s will bring the spice, responding to the news on Twitter.

“I’m going to try it but my guess it’s going to be the same as the weak spicy chicken nuggets,” one McDonald’s fan wrote.

“Just bought it, I must say, it’s tragic,” one claimed.

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Other McDonald’s fans used the opportunity to petition for their favourite menu items.

“Don’t care want breakfast wraps,” one observed.

Another said: “Let’s debate on why you’ve not brought back the breakfast wrap! The one thing you done right in a long long time #bringbacktheMcbreakfastwrap.”

Another more agitated Twitter user wrote: “Where the f**k have wraps and selects gone?”

Vegetarians also had their say, clamoring for better veggie options.

“Are you going to bring out more vegetarian options? The veggie dippers dont cut it for me. Can create a load of meat products but dont consider individuals who dont eat meat? Its the 21st century fgs,” one wrote. (sic)

McDonald’s faced a recent Chicken Selects shortage, causing panic across the nation. 

McDonald’s customers took to social media to express their fury over missing Chicken Selects products.

At the time, a McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We are working incredibly hard to get this popular menu item back on sale in our restaurants.

“We know some customers will be disappointed to hear this news, and we would like to apologise for the short-term inconvenience.”

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