I tried Mrs Hinch fans’ £1 air fryer cleaning hack – and the results were astounding


Air fryers are popping up in kitchens across the nation as shops become more savvy to their popularity. While air fryers used to be a luxury item, many supermarkets and shops are now selling them at affordable prices. For those who don’t have one, an air fryer is like a mini convection oven in that it creates delicious, crispy food without deep-frying or adding extra calories.

People often use air fryers to cook chips, breaded vegetables and fish and even steaks and pizza.

One of the biggest difficulties people have faced with their new air fryers is cleaning them.

Some air fryers contain more elements, making them more tricky to clean.

For this method, we used a simple solution of water and £1 Fairy Liquid.

Fairy Liquid can be bought from Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Tesco for £1.

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After three minutes, I turned off the air fryer, switched it off at the mains and removed the basket.

Tipping away the liquid from the air fryer into the sink I noticed the amount of grime, crumbs and grease in the water.

I gave the air fryer basket a quick rinse before drying it with a tea towel.

The air fryer basket looked brand new and was free of any food debris – and all in under five minutes.


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