Ian Blackford house: Where does the SNP MP live? Inside his Skye home


SNP leader Ian Blackford has walked the halls of Westminster since 2015 and has since climbed the political ranks to become the party’s leader in the House of Commons. Having racked up a multimillion pound fortune through his banking and political career, it comes as a surprise to hear of the MP’s more simple life in the Scottish Isle of Skye – but what does his modest home really look like?

Where does Ian Blackford live?

The Scottish National Party Westminster leader was born and bred in Edinburgh, though the esteemed MP has since moved to the tranquil Isle of Skye.

In 2004 Ian Blackford made the move to the small Scottish Island, along with his wife Ann.

Despite working in the chaos of the British capital, Ian and his wife enjoy a life far from the hustle and bustle of London’s Westminster.

Having branded himself as a ‘humbler crofter’, he and his wife live on a small croft on the island – a property which is close to the pair’s family roots.

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The modest croft has a deep history having been in Mr Blackford’s wife’s family for hundreds of years.

Not only does the isolated property offer the SNP leader a welcome escape from the chaos of life in parliament, but also a chance for the politician to get back to nature.

According to snp.org, the MP and former banker can be found “helping his wife Ann raise livestock and participating in island life in other ways”, when he is not busy challenging Boris Johnson’s Government in the House of Commons.

Surrounded by clear blue seas, rolling hills of green grass with wandering livestock and curved stretches of the Isle, Mr Blackford’s Skye home is certainly a more peaceful place to call home than the city abode’s of many MP’s.


What does Ian Blackford’s house look like?

Though the 60-year-old Scottish MP keeps his peaceful home largely out of the public eye, his regular posts sharing his appreciation for the Isle of Skye offer some insight into his tranquil life.

With picturesque sunsets filling the sky above the long stretches of the sea below his highland home, the MP has shared his love for an evening fire on the land that surrounds his home.

In one video posted by the esteemed politician, the MP pans around the acres of land which show a simple wooden picket fence, clusters of wild greenery and a stone fire pit built up around wooden benches.

All overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean, Mr Blackford’s serene dwelling is clearly a hit with his roaming border collie dog too.

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In a live interview with BBC news, Ian Blackford shared a glimpse into his home.

The SNP Westminster leader can be seen in a bright room in front of a grey and beige-tone stone wall.

Behind Mr Blackford viewers could spot a hand-painted canvas featuring what appears to be a blend of blue and white in the background of a cross symbol.

A free standing white lamp can be seen to the right of him with a simple white painting wall contrasting with the rustic stone.

In a separate interview with Sky News, the Scottish MP appeared from an office space in his Isle of Skye croft with a number of clocks, framed football memorabilia and footballs on display behind him.

How much is Ian Blackford’s house worth?

With an annual MP salary of more than £81,000 and a number of other streams of income, Mr Blackford isn’t short on funds when it comes to financing his double life.

The former investment banker described himself as “just a simple crofter with 10 acres” in the 2018 Westminster Budget debate, but how much does his modest home really cost?

According to Rightmove, the average house on the Scottish Isle of Skye fetches around £227,063.

Properties with four or more bedrooms on the island are listed on Zoopla for between £310,000 to £530,000.

For Mr Blackford’s generous 10 acre plot, it is thought that his home could fetch significantly more – despite hosting a smaller dwelling.


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