Iceland launches frozen crisps range that includes Space Raiders and Hula Hoops


Iceland regularly launches new products, and last week it introduced a frozen crisps range to stores. Blurring the line between crisps and chips, the new frozen products are essentially oven cooked versions of classic crisp brands and flavours.

KP Snacks is the creator of some of the UK’s favourite crisps, such as Hula Hoops, Space Raiders, Pombears, and more.

The potato- and nut-based snacks brand has partnered with Iceland to create frozen versions of its famous crisps.

Customers can now cook Hula Hoops and Space Raiders in the oven, to be eaten as a lunchtime or evening meal instead of a snack on the go.

The bags of frozen crisps are only £1.50 each and are available at Iceland stores and online now.

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The frozen crisps come in four different flavours, two from Hula Hoops and two from Space Raiders.

The Hula Hoops flavours are Original Ready Salted and BBQ Beef.

Meanwhile, the Space Raiders flavours are Beef and Pickled Onion.

The frozen crisps are exclusive to Iceland and take only 15 to 20 minutes to cook in the oven.


Some customers have already left reviews on the Iceland website and many are impressed with the new products.

The Space Raiders Beef flavour seems to be the favourite so far, with all except one customer giving it a five star rating.

One customer said: “Crispy outside. Fluffy inside! Beef flavour very mild and not overpowering. My son loved them…. so did I!”

Another shopper said: “Family all enjoyed this, beefy just like the crisps!”

In other Iceland news, the food retailer has launched a new range of ice lollies that are inspired by sweetshop classics.

These sweets are bound to remind customers of their childhoods and include Wham Bars, Cola Bottles, Sherbet Fountains, and more.

The lollies come in the shape and flavour of the iconic sweets and come in packets of four or six.

The new ice lolly range was introduced to Iceland stores and online from Monday, April 12.


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