'I'd definitely recommend it' Mum explains how she's saved £500 on travel – 'Added bonus'


While experts have been recommending cutting back on takeaways and subscriptions, Express.co.uk has discovered a fun way to save a fortune on travel this year.

A 46-year-old woman from York has shared how she saves money on travel by staying in stranger’s homes – for free.

She has enjoyed cheap holidays in exotic places like the French Réunion island south of Mauritius by not paying for accommodation or food.

Savvy Brits like Suzi Bewell are part of a ‘couch surfing’ phenomenon which could be about to become a lot more popular.

“I went to la Réunion island and stayed for three days with a family for free and I’ve had people from all over the world stay here in York,” Suzi told Express.co.uk.

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She’s not the only one raving about sofa surfing as a means of saving money on travel.

While it’s easy to see how this way of life would be more appealing to the younger generation, surfing for seniors is also a thing.

On the Couchsurfing blog Paul Miniato wrote: “The average age of a Couchsurfer is 28, and only about three percent of users are over 50.”

Still with about five million members, that’s 150,000 ‘golden age’ surfers and hosts.”

However, he said the good news for travellers who might find a week on a sofa a little uncomfortable, is many people offer a private bedroom.

Jane Hawkes, consumer expert at ladyjaney.co.uk, said it’s a great way to save money.

She said: “Couch surfing is a novel way to get that much needed holiday for a fraction of the price.

“You can also get cost cutting travel tips, local info and advice from your hosts as to where to go and what to do.”

Couch surfers like Paul say it’s a once in a lifetime experience they’ll never forget.

“Our first Couchsurfing experience was in the seaside town of Sequim, Washington.

“Our host, Teresa, was both interesting and gracious, and the accommodation offered us by our new friend was as good as any an old friend might provide.

“Couchsurfing will be high on our list for our next trip.

“We’d recommend it for yours.”


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