'Idiot' driver parks car in front of house doorway leaving police stumped


A photograph of the terribly parked car, which has been circulated on social media, shows the vehicle in the way of a property in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Two police officers are pictured in the image, seemingly attempting to find out to whom the car belongs. 

People on Facebook slammed the driver, reports Yorkshire Live.

“You can’t park there mate,” one local wrote.

“Mint parking, worse than my girlfriend’s,” another added.

A third shared: “That’s dreadful parking.”

Another called the driver “an idiot”.

It is unclear for how long the car remained in the awkward spot.

However, the motor has since been moved from the driveway in the fishing town.

The poor parking follows a row over leaving vehicles across two spaces in car parks.

When one woman parked across two spaces last week, she returned to find a note on her motor.

Writing on Reddit, the driver says she lives with her husband in an apartment complex which has an underground parking facility.

As part of their rent agreement, they pay for two parking spaces, but the couple only have one vehicle.

She added: “The parking area underneath the block is quite tight and one of our spots is next to a corner wall.

“However when someone parks in the next corner wall it overlaps our spot. 

“This means it’s quite hard to get our car in and out sometimes.

“Recently people have been parking in our second spot and we’ve had to leave notes to politely ask people not to do this.”


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