‘Idiotic!’ Drivers react with fury to Highway Code changes that pander to cyclists


Motorists are stunned by the changes coming in at the end of this week that include rules encouraging cyclists to ride down the middle of the road. They would only be expected to move over if a car needs to overtake.

The rule is one of 49 revisions to the Highway Code arriving on January 29 intended to protect the most vulnerable road users.

The changes include promoting a ‘hierarchy’ of road users with pedestrians and cyclists at the top.

Drivers will also be expected to give anyone on a bike at least 1.5metres of space.

But Express.co.uk readers have pointed out a litany of issues with the rules, from increased emissions to possible road rage incidents.

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‘Whatonearth’ asked: “Is there going to be legislation towards cyclists shooting red lights because their busy lives preclude them from ever stopping for 30 seconds until the lights change to green.

“Or mount the pavement rather than staying on the road when traffic is slow moving.

“Perhaps the riding of a cycle whilst wearing earbuds playing distracting music should be legislated against.

“Will this ludicrous set of rules apply to the now ever present pests on electric scooters without headgear, lights, or probably brakes?”

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And several motorists said they would be reacting differently if they came across a cyclist following the new rules.

‘King Rufus’ said: “It will be a very brave cyclist that drives in the middle of the road in front of me.”

‘Stacpollaidh’ replied: “And if I happen to be passing, I never saw a thing!”

Meanwhile ‘Sami7’ summed things up, saying: “If cyclists can ride in the middle of the road why should I as a car driver pay road tax when they don’t ?”

“Whoever thought this one up needs their head testing. There’s enough cyclist accidents and deaths as it is….. Utter madness !”


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