Importance of mainframe technology in the modern world

mainframe technology
mainframe technology

Mainframe technology has been the power behind the throne for most corporate data centers. It has come to the scene for more than half a century. But with the rise of newer and more innovative technologies, many tech leaders around the world also expected the mainframe to lose its importance with time. But that is far from true today. In 2021 itself, the mainframe is still one of the most relevant aspects of most enterprises globally.

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  • Mainframes are fabulous for regular, traditional tasks


Mainframes still work excellently for all the traditional tasks it was originally built for. As per IBM, 67 out of 100 Fortune companies still continue to use mainframes for the most crucial business-related work.

For instance, for high-speed transaction processing there is no alternative to mainframes in terms of its speed, as well as the volume of transactions they can manage. Besides, it is extremely cost-effective. This is the biggest reason why banks rely on mainframes for all their core operations. Even several customer interactions like ATM transactions or credit card works are carried out via real-time, online transaction processing (OLTP), and high volume. Banks are also dependent on the overnight mainframe runs that are key for processing internal finance reports, customer statements, and a lot more.

Besides its advantages to the contemporary alternatives available for high-speed processing, mainframes have still held on to their grip firmly on long-time users because they have the ability to manage huge terabytes of data. This is not only particularly important in banking but also in other information-intensive work fields such as the government, education, insurance, healthcare, et al.

  • Mainframes are successfully adapting to new use cases

The mainframe needed to evolve in order to stay relevant in the face of newer IT technologies and innovative applications that are capable of working at bewildering speed. For instance, even though mainframes once were just COBOL-only strongholds restricted only to proprietary operating systems, now they are quite adaptable with the Linux OS, as well as other programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, C++ etc. The multilingual ability of mainframes help them make use of the sophisticated tools that were originally developed for the x86 server.

Today, mainframe is capable of tapping into the AI ecosystem via open source languages and use of tools like Python, Scala, Apache SparkML, TensorFlow etc. The mainframe today has become a greatly capable host of machine learning.

Although the world of IT and technological innovations are rapidly changing and bringing in newer and more efficient products, mainframe technology, which was once believed to not outlive all this, has proven the previous beliefs about it wrong. Its relevance has not died and is not going to any time soon. Now is a perfect time to start a career in this field.

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