Indianapolis shooting: What happened as gunman targets FedEx warehouse? How many injured?


Another added: “The reporting of the Indianapolis shooting is so matter of fact, as if it happens all the time, because of course it does. I’m sure those ‘thoughts and prayers’ are effective as ever.”

One US citizen tweeted: “So we still got the Derek Chauvin trial, then Daunte Wright’s murder, the Adam Toledo video, and now a mass shooting in Indianapolis, all in the same week… I am exhausted!”

It comes as President Joe Biden tries to instate new, more controlled gun laws in the US – a country which has a huge problem with mass shootings. 

Many Americans believe action from congress is overdue, but Mr Biden faces a slim Democratic majority in the Senate when it comes to guns. 

Rommel Dionisio, a gun industry analyst for Aegis Capital, said: “I believe the prospect of tightened gun control legislation is certainly a much more likely scenario today compared to last year, given that the Democrats have recently taken control of the Presidency and Senate, and maintained control of the House.”


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