Iran tipped to offer 700km-range 'surface to surface missiles' to destroy Ukraine assets


Major General Chapman claimed that 23 out of 28 of the warheads fired by Russian troops in recent days were shot down by Ukrainian forces. The senior British military adviser explained that the missiles which had been used on Ukraine did not have the capability to terrorise Ukrainian civilians into submission. And then explained that what would worry him would be confirmation Iran was to provide Russian forces with Fateh 110 and the Zolfaghar surface-to-surface ballistic missile systems. Major General Chapman claimed that these were the weapons to use if Russia wanted to target Ukraine’s energy infrastructures.

Major General Chip Chapman added: “What would worry me more long term was if Iranians were to give and there’s some suggestions from the US intelligence, the Fateh 110 and the zolfaghar surface to surface ballistic missile systems.

“Which are between 300-kilometre or 700-kilometre range.

“If you really want to fight a deep battle from a Russian perspective, and target all the enemy and the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

“They’re the weapons to do so.”

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Russian military forces have been upping the ante in Ukraine in recent weeks.

Russia has been using deadly kamikaze drones on Ukraine’s civilian population.

The drones were gifted to Russian forces by Iran, and there are some fears that Iran will hand over more deadly weapons.

The US along with other western countries have been claiming that the use of such drones breaches imposed sanctions.


There have been images and video footage of drone attacks on Ukraine, and ongoing reports of Ukrainian forces shooting them down.

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson, Nasser Kanaani has been denying claims about supplying Russia with drones in Ukraine.

Mr Kanaani said: “The published news about Iran providing Russia with drones has political ambitions and it is circulated by western sources.

“We have not provided weaponry to any side of the countries at war.”



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