Iranian woman suffers horrific sexual attack by police during protests as deaths top 200


Video cameras caught the moment Iranian police sexually molested a young woman during street protests in Tehran on Friday. The Islamic Republic has been convulsed by month-long riots following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, while she was in police custody. Ms Amini died after being arrested by Iran’s morality police, The Guardian Patrol, for not wearing her hijab correctly.

Police officials claimed she died from a heart attack, a version of events hotly disputed by those detained with her.

Eyewitnesses said she was brutally beaten by police into a coma and died as a result of her injuries.

Iran’s police further sullied their reputation after an officer was filmed sexually harassing a young woman during demonstrations in Tehran on Friday.

Video images obtained by the BBC show a woman arrested in Argentina Square in the capital city.

She is taken towards a motorbike in a busy street full of police and is subsequently surrounded on all sides by four armoured coppers.

At that stage, one of the four appears to grope her from behind, which causes her to fall to the ground in a heap.

The camera operator can be heard saying: “They are pulling her hair.”

However, the young woman manages to get back on her feet and makes a dash for freedom.

One of the officers is spotted laughing as she legs it to safety.

Social media users condemned the hypocrisy of Iran’s rulers and morality police.

Babak Taghvaee posted a video of the incident and wrote: “This film shows the height of sexual corruption of the police forces of the Islamic regime of #Iran.

“You can see in this film how they molested and sexually assaulted a young woman protester they had arrested in #Tehran.”

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The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) said Friday that around 29 minors were among the casualties.

The agency also said roughly 6,000 people had been detained and at least 24 state security personnel had lost their lives.

The US President Joe Biden added his words of support for the protesters ahead of a speech on Saturday in Los Angeles to members from a Persian community.

Mr Biden said: “Women all over the world are being persecuted in various ways, but they should be able to wear in God’s name what they want to wear.”

“Iran has to end the violence against its own citizens simply exercising their fundamental rights.”


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