Is Netflix’s woke programming driving subscribers away?


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PragerU personality Amala Ekpunobi explained how Netflix is “full of propaganda” Wednesday on “The Ingraham Angle.”

EKPUNOBI: I think it’s this woke mind virus and people are waking up and inoculating themselves from it. They don’t want to hear this anymore, and Netflix is known to be doing this. They put out a French film called “Cuties,” with 11-year-old girls with barely any clothes on, twerking and shaking their butts on film. They have a series called “You” where they denounce people who are anti-Covid vaccine. They’re full of propaganda. They’ve subscribed themselves to anti-Whiteness, anti-racism, radical feminism, and that’s what they put in their content. You can’t find a piece of Netflix content that does not have leftist ideology embedded in it. And I think people are fed up with it. They don’t want to pay a monthly fee to be lied to and to be fed propaganda, and to be told that they are hated. 

I as a Black person do not want to hear this demeaning message about how I need help from you, and how I need help from the rich and how we need to invest in Black business. What is Netflix doing for Black people or for lower income communities? Virtually nothing. When this whole Black Lives Matter scandal broke out and people were taking to the streets – what did Netflix do? They opened up a category on their streaming service for Black creators and Black content, not only segregating their consumers and creating a divisive climate, but doing nothing for Black people in their efforts. It makes no sense. It’s all virtue-signaling and it’s all propaganda. That’s all that they want. 



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