It Might Be Possible Someone is Using Your Images – Keep Track of Them


Images are used on the web for different reasons. People share their images online through social media to interact with their circle. Many eCommerce websites would post pictures of their products on their websites and on large eCommerce platforms like Amazon or eBay. These images are likely to be used by entities that are always looking to steal images and use those pictures to their benefit.

We have put together some details to help you understand why your images can be stolen. Additionally, we will also shed some light on how the entities stealing or using your images without consent get benefits. We will also discuss an effective method of keeping a check on the use of your images without your consent. Further details are given below:

Why Someone Can Steal Your Images?

Here, we will discuss a few reasons to understand why your images are likely to be used by someone else without your consent or knowledge. Read on to know more:

 For Fake Accounts

You may post your images on your social media handles and consider your images safe, but there are chances that someone else is using them for foul practices. Let’s start with fake social media accounts, many pages on social media platforms use pictures of numerous people to build fake accounts on social media.

They show those fake social media accounts as their followers to grab the attention of the audience. Malicious sources may use those fake social accounts to do propaganda against certain people, organizations, or even countries. Those sources may use these fake accounts to comment on various places and ruin the overall image of a particular person, organization, or country.

For Click-Bait News

You may see the use of stolen images in clickbait news frequently. Propagandist news websites, that simply want more people to visit their website, may use this tactic. They may pick a random image from social media or the web and use it to their benefit, by making it a thumbnail of the propaganda they have written in the form of news.

Such entities may also use images that were released with already published news on credible media sources with different contexts to catch the attention of people. These sources want their audience to believe their news because of the visual content they see and react in the way these news sources desire from their readers. The main purpose of many sources is to create unrest amongst people.

To Copy Product Images

We live in the era of a growing eCommerce culture. People like to shop for their desired products while sitting comfortably in their homes, and eCommerce allows them to do so. Many brands offer similar kinds of products. Some of them invest highly to represent the products they offer in the best way possible through images.

Some brands in the same niche, on the other hand, try to steal those images and use them to showcase what they have to offer on their website. They do this act to save a few pennies. However, this action can result in monetary losses for the brands that have actually invested in better representation of their products through quality photography.

For Selling Someone’s Work

Artists and photographers create their masterpieces with immense effort and try to showcase their work using multiple platforms including social media. However, chances are that their work may get stolen and used by malicious sources for their own benefit. These sources may try to sell the hard work of a photographer or an artist for a few pennies without the knowledge of the creator of that image.

Such practice can result in huge monetary losses for artists and photographers because they earn their bread and butter because of their work. If someone else sells it without their consent, they will end up losing the chance of earning their profit because of their hard work.

How Can You Keep Track of Your Images?

If you want to make sure that no one else is using your images without your consent, then you need to keep track of your images. In case, you find a person or entity using your image for malicious reasons, you can take necessary actions including legal measures to restrict that person from doing so. However, for doing so you need to learn how to find stolen images on the internet.

Use Rever Image Search Method

You can track your images if there is any doubt that someone is using your images. Simply use the reverse photo search method to find out who is using your images without your consent.

An Image search technique helps to find similar images to your input query. Simply you need to search by image using a reverse photo lookup and it will find similar images to your input query. If you find out your image posted on any website that is not to your knowledge, then you need to take immediate action. You may file a copyright infringement suit against the culprit and ask for the fulfilment of monetary losses.

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