‘It’s a rip-off!’ Drivers paying more for super E10 as they slam 'no good' E10 petrol


Many drivers have reported seeing issues stemming from E10 petrol which was launched onto forecourts in September. Problems have ranged from the car juddering, lower fuel efficiency and even a distinct smell coming from the vehicle.

E10 was introduced and touted as a “greener” fuel thanks to its higher renewable ethanol content.

Despite this, many have found their fuel economy being reduced as a result, leading some to return to using E5.

When E10 was introduced, E5 was designated as the “super” grade, which is still available at petrol stations across the UK.

One such driver who has gone back to using E5 is Express.co.uk reader Conan the Mermaid who has found cheaper petrol and better fuel economy.

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“It’s a rip-off – typical Britain!”

Another driver has spoken of their local petrol station where the owner has had to reintroduce E5 as “his trade had dropped off” because people were looking for E5.

A third commenter, using the handle Yarn Dave, also found his fuel economy being massively reduced.

He continued, saying: “Five percent increase in shame meant an 11 percent reduction in my (Toyota) RAV4 fuel efficiency.

Most of the incompatible vehicles include classic cars, motorcycles, some specific models and even boats and lawnmowers.

Drivers are advised to contact car manufacturers with any questions surrounding their specific vehicle and whether it is compatible with E10 petrol.

As a rule, drivers of cars registered prior to 2002 are advised not to use E10 in their vehicle, as problems have been reported.

Since 2011, all new cars sold in the UK must be E10 compatible.


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