'It's cheaper!' The 7 hours of the day you should be charging your phone to save money


Mark Robinson, head of product management at tech accessories brand Belkin, said it is essential to know the best times to charge the devices, as the time of day people plug in their phones can make them spend more money on energy bills.

Mark advised people to “power up at the right time” this winter to keep the costs down.

The expert urged Britons to check their meter reading as soon as possible to know when is their off-peak time, as this may vary depending on energy providers.

He explained: “If your meter shows two sets of numbers rather than a single reading, you are on an Economy seven or Economy 10 meter.

“Meaning you’ll have seven or 10 hours at night where electricity is charged at a less expensive rate.”

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People should use these hours to charge up their devices, including their phones, to save money on energy bills.

For those on Economy seven, most providers set off-peak hours between midnight to 7am “when electricity is charged at a cheaper rate,” he explained.

Therefore, people should avoid charging their phones any time between 7am to midnight and always plug in devices at night.

On Economy 10, off-peak hours are usually split throughout a 24-hour period.


While this may seem minimal, many of us charge them for much longer, bringing the cost up again.

The average family of five could expect to pay around £10 or more per year on charging phones alone if energy prices continue to soar.

While the cost of charging smartphones every day is relatively low, laptops are much more expensive.

According to U Switch, charging a laptop for seven hours a day, five days a week, costs an annual average of £12.26.


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