‘It’s in a good location’ Cornish parking spot on sale for a staggering £80,000


The parking spot with a garage is in the middle of the picturesque Cornish fishing village Port Isaac seems to have attracted a premium due to the lack of off-street parking available.
Advertised with John Bray Estates, the garage comes without water or power but does have an added “spacious” store which measures 5m by 3m.

According to the estate agent the listing has already had some viewings from those looking to invest in the village, which is used as a location for shows like Doc Martin.

Charlie Hambly, of John Bray Estates who is selling the spot said: “The attached store provides plenty of space for the kind of paraphernalia that accumulates in seaside locations, from small boats, surfboards, and wakeboards to life jackets and wetsuits, the list goes on and on.

“Parking and storage are very scarce in the village with many properties having none at all, so this separate garage represents a big problem solver. It’s in a good location, close to the centre of the village.

“We had a couple of viewings today, mostly people based in and around Port Isaac who need storage or who own holiday cottages here.”

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The car park, operated by a company called Alliance Parking, has proved so confusing for people that it has led to rising anger in the area – so much so that people have blasted it for being ‘a scam’.

Regular user of the car park Hazel Belle Thompson posted on a Facebook group: “It’s camera operated. As soon as you drive in, your car and reg are taken.

“I lost a full day’s wages in a parking fine for being 14 minutes over.”

One reason for the growing anger comes due to the reportedly confusing nature of the signs at the car park.

In a statement to Express.co.uk, Alliance Parking said: “We comply with the existing IPC Code of Practice and the new Private Parking Code of Practice in relation to consideration periods.

“Drivers are afforded the time to enter the car park, read the signage, and leave if the car park does not suit their needs.

“As such, only those that park and remain at the car park without paying for their stay in full, or park in breach of any of the other terms and conditions will incur a Parking Charge i.e. the act of entering the car park, turning around and leaving will not incur a Parking Charge.

“Our aim is for genuine users of the car park to have access to parking which greatly assists local tourism.

“Those issued with a Parking Charge have the ability to appeal themselves internally and an external Independent Appeals Service.”


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