James Bond or Harry Potter? Britain’s Top 10 favourite film franchises revealed in UK poll

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There have been some incredible big-screen film franchises out of Hollywood over the years. And now a new UK poll has revealed Britain’s favourite film franchise after a study carried out by Showcase Cinemas to celebrate the release of Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Having polled 2000 Brits last month, the country’s favourite turned out to be James Bond.

Of course, this result shouldn’t be too surprising what with the release of No Time To Die last month.

Plus there isn’t a more successful and long-standing British film franchise other than Harry Potter which came second.

Interestingly, the magical series saw a big gender and generational divide with almost twice as many women (16 per cent) selecting it compared to males (9 per cent).

While 18-34-year-old were more likely to select Harry Potter compared to those over 35 favouring James Bond. Here’s the full top 10:

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Next year marks the 60th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise after 25 official films with six actors in the role.

While there have been eight Harry Potter movies that started 20 years ago, plus two Fantastic Beasts movies so far with a third released next year.

The Indiana Jones franchise may have begun 40 years ago with Raiders of the Lost Ark, but Harrison Ford returns for a fifth outing in 2023 when he will in his Eighties.

Then there’s Star Wars which shows no sign of stopping with the next movie in that franchise being 2023’s Rogue Squadron from Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins.

However, as it stands it doesn’t look like Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow will feature in either.

And then Chris Pratt returns in Jurassic World: Dominion next summer with the original Jurassic Park trio in Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern.

While an unknown new Star Trek, the fourth in the new era of movies, is set for 2023.

As for Die Hard, the fifth film was released in 2013, but Bruce Willis’ John McClane is yet to make a comeback.

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