James Martin: Chef makes 'delicious' summer salad & salsa to go with your BBQ this weekend


The weather is finally turning warmer, which means that many Britons will be outside enjoying barbecue food and drinks with friends this weekend. James Martin showed viewers today how to make a light summer salad, as well as how to perfectly grill a barbecue steak.

“This is the most amazing dressing,” James said.

The chef highlighted the importance of eating local produce, and so he used tomatoes from his greenhouse to make the dressing.

The tomatoes were green, meaning that if you can’t wait until your tomatoes turn red, you can still use them in salads, dressings, and salsas.

James called his dressing both a salad dressing and a salsa, and advised making it using a pestle and mortar or a simple blender.

Next, he added the Gentleman’s Relish.

James said: “This is a fantastic ingredient.”

Mix the ingredients together before adding a little olive oil and chopping in some green olives and tomatoes.

Green tomatoes are also perfect to use when making a chutney, according to James.

Lastly, add in some black pepper, a little salt, and a squeeze of lemon before crushing everything together once more to create a textured salsa or dressing.

“You need an acidity in a salsa,” James explained.

To make the salsa into a salad, James put the mixture in a bowl and added in more chopped tomatoes, salt, and pepper.

“This is a delicious salad in its own right,” the chef said.

He then put the salad on a plate and placed the wonderfully cooked beef steak on top.

To finish the dish, James put buffalo mozzarella on top of the beef, and finally added the salsa on top of that.

James advised eating mozzarella with beef as it is “absolutely delicious”.


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