Jane McDonald says the best way to ‘dip your toe into cruising’ is ‘with a river cruise’


Boarding the Amadara cruise ship is a relief for Jane McDonald. After a difficult time in Vietnam’s biggest city, Ho Chi Minh, Jane is ready to go on her cruise.

“They are a lot more tranquil.

“Also, there is no motion sickness because it’s really flat so you won’t feel seasick at all.”

Advice that many Britons looking to go on a cruise will be happy to receive.

In Ho Chi Minh, Jane had trouble crossing streets and said: “I think it’s a death trap personally”.


She explored the market: “If there’s one thing I love as much as cruising, it’s a really good bargain” and gave some good tips to viewers.

She said: “If you are coming to this part of the world: don’t pack. Because everything is really cheap.”

There is “no shortage of things to see and do” in Vietnam, and it was time for Jane to see them all.

After her scary time on the streets, Jane said: “That’s enough excitement for me. Get me off these streets and onto that ship.”

The Amadara is the biggest vessel touring the Mekong route from Vietnam to Cambodia.

Jane was impressed by the balconies: “I’ve never seen that on a river cruise. I’m perked up now.”

It got even better when Jane got a drink at the bar and could finally relax.

She said: “I’ve started to have a holiday.

“I have a beer in my hand, no traffic trying to kill me, no crowds anymore… I’ve got the open water and I’m on my holidays.”

Jane’s taste of South East Asia may not have started well but it got better as she went on.

Even if she refused to try durian fruit at the market.

She said: “It smells like old fruit’s gone off.”

Durian is “the king of fruits” in Asia and locals love it.

From getting herbs and roots in a Chinese medicine shop to shopping for silks, Jane did “exotic South East Asia” the right way.


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