Jesse Watters slams Biden for Kabul attack: 'By far the worst day of Joe Biden's presidency'


Jesse Watters slammed the Biden administration for Thursday’s terrorist attack at the Kabul airport on “Watters’ World,” calling it the “worst day of Joe Biden’s presidency.” 

JESSE WATTERS: Thursday was by far the worst day of Joe Biden’s presidency – an avoidable tragedy, and the deadliest day for American forces in Afghanistan in 10 years. Biden botched the Afghan withdrawal, and now innocent people are paying the price. Biden refused to extend the August 31 deadline to get Americans out of Afghanistan, and U.S. troops have now begun withdrawing from Kabul, with 350 Americans still trying to get out. And that’s just according to the State Department, a department with a pretty bad track record. 

The Taliban’s blocking Americans from getting to the airport, and Biden’s boxed in, letting it happen. We’re working with the Taliban now, Biden saying we may have even given the Taliban a list of names to let through checkpoints, or a kill list, as most people fear. 

We’re stranding Americans behind enemy lines, plain and simple. But the administration refuses to use that word because they’re worried about messaging. Biden’s making it seem easy, like Americans can just head to the Kabul airport and get on the next flight…Joe’s not standing behind Americans. And just a few days ago, Biden wanted credit for all of this. Everything Biden and this administration have said about how this is going to go has turned out to be wrong. 



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