Jesse Watters: This is why nobody watches or trusts the mainstream media anymore


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Jesse Watters castigated the mainstream media for ignoring the Hunter Biden laptop story to cover up for Joe Biden.

JESSE WATTERS: Democrats don’t like when you question their plans or hold them accountable for the results. The real threat according to them is the people who won’t comply. It’s a threat to them every time we give you a voice. The more we do it, the more Democrats are exposed for being out of touch with the people and you can’t win the people over if your interests are in Washington and not Main Street. 

Somehow the rest of the media still hasn’t figured this out. Seems like years of being on the wrong side of history hasn’t taught them anything. But at least they’re finally paying the price for it. Nobody watches or trusts the mainstream media anymore. 

Now, some of them are trying to salvage any bit of dignity they have left. We already told you about the New York Times and Washington Post coming out to authenticate Hunter Biden’s laptop 17 months later. On Sunday morning, the [Washington] Post editorial board came out with a sorry excuse for an apology saying, “The Hunter Biden story is an opportunity for a reckoning.” Admitting that the legacy media owes America an apology for covering up the bombshell story on Hunter’s laptop right before an election. 

And it goes on, “The lesson learned from 2020 may well be that there is also a danger of suppressing accurate and relevant stories.” Apology not accepted. They would black out the truth all over again if it meant putting Democrats in power. 


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