Joe Biden launches new front against Beijing – 'The investigation is not finished!'


Earlier this year, the Microsoft hack affected more than a quarter of a million servers across the world. The cyberattack allowed hackers to remotely access email inboxes. The tech giant blamed a Chinese cyber-espionage group for exploiting a vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki attempted to minimise any distinction between Washington’s response towards China and Russia.

This came after the US and its allied accused China of widespread malfeasance and said the US is “not differentiating” its response towards the two countries.

Ms Psaki said: “We are not allowing any circumstance or consideration to prevent us from taking actions where warrant.

“And also we reserve the option to take additional actions were warrant as well.

“This is not the conclusion of our efforts as it relates to cyber activities with China or Russia.”

According to a source close to the Biden administration said it is not under any illusion that international pressure alone will be enough to change China’s behaviour.

Yesterday, Mr Biden hinted there was more to come and said: “The investigation is not finished”.

State Department spokesman Ned price added the US is “not ruling out further action should it be merited and should it be appropriate”.

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A senior administration official said the Biden administration has made it clear they will continue to “take actions to protect the American people”.

They told CNN: “We have made clear that will continue to take actions to protect the American people from malicious cyber activity, no matter who is responsible. In addition, as we have said, the US and our allies have not ruled out further action.”

The official added how the administration is making clear that “as long as China continues its pattern of irresponsible malicious cyber activities, we will continue to work with our allies and partners to call them out, promote network defence and cybersecurity, and take action to disrupt threats to our people”.

Yesterday, a group of Western countries, including the UK, the US, Australia and New Zealand, accused Beijing of hacking the popular email platform.

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A joint statement accused the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) of undermining global stability and security.

However, the Chinese Embassy in Wellington said the accusations were “groundless and irresponsible”.

Mr Biden’s threat to Beijing comes months after the US President was accused of not being “man enough” to stand up to China.

Emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent Frank Furedi told “I think the problem that America has had for a long time is that its capacity to pursue its geopolitical interests has been a very disoriented one.

“If you look back over the last three or four administrations, from their point of view, they have made one mistake after the other.

“I think that the State Department and the different institutions of state that have got to do with geopolitical issues are not particularly up to speed with the projection of power that it needs to have.

“I’m not even sure Biden can man up for this particular task.

“China is very clear on its direction, what it wants and needs to do.

“The US is far less clear. There is more talk and little action.”


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