Joe Biden polls: Donald Trump up for 2024 SUCCESS as Biden support stagnates

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The US President has nearly finished his first year in office, and he has little to show for it, with Democrats and Republicans still battling over a proposed budget bill. Objections from within his own party – namely Arizona State Senator Kyrsten Sinema – have prevented him from passing an ambitious $3.5 trillion bill that could reshape US social and climate policy. Without support, the Senate is battling a 50-50 tie, and Americans won’t see any benefit from the 46th President, which is now showing in countrywide polls.

According to the latest analysis from FiveThirtyEight, his approval rate has sunk to an all-time low.

The site, which compiles data from a range of pollsters, shows only 44 percent of Americans currently approve of their President.

His polls stagnated around this range starting in late August, when he dipped into majority disapproval for the first time, at 47.5 to 47.2 percent approval.

Now, nearly half disapprove, with total rates currently at 49.7 percent.

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He has all but confirmed a run when Mr Biden closes his first term.

Last Saturday, he set up a rally in Iowa alongside local Senator Chuck Grassley, the latest in a recent spate of public appearances.

He has also continued to endorse Republican candidates and is hailed by many as a golden ticket to election amid his high support rate.

Mr Trump even quipped about a new slogan earlier this week; “Make America Great Again, Again”.

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