Joe Biden 'surely finished' as Republicans win 'poll on presidency' Virginia Governor race


Sky News Australia host Alan Jones has declared Joe Biden must now surely be “finished” with the results of US elections in Virginia and New Jersey. Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe to take over as Governor of Virginia. “And in New Jersey, where the Democrats were 56 percent in 2017, they’ve been hammered,” Mr Jones added.

Mr Jones told Sky News Australia: “The vote for the Virginia governorship in America was agreed by everybody to be a poll on the presidency.

“This is Blue Ribbon democratic country.

“In fact, in the presidential election of November last year, Biden won 64 percent of the vote.

“Virginia weighed in as 5.6 percent more democratic than America as a whole.  In the 2017 Governor elections, Democrats won 53.9 percent of the vote, the Republicans 45 percent.

“But now the Republican Glenn Younkin – heavily supported by Trump – has defeated McAuliffe who’d been the governor, but the Constitution prevents the officeholder from holding consecutive terms, so McCall have been running 2017 he said he would run in 2021,” he continued.

“The swing against the Democrats well over 5 percent.

“And in New Jersey, where the Democrats were 56 percent in 2017, they have been hammered and the Republicans have won there as well.

“It was…a de facto vote on Biden and Biden must surely be finished.”


“It would be catastrophic for us not to start passing some legislation immediately,” said Democratic strategist Bud Jackson.

“I’m confident that if we can get this stuff passed, the economy starts to turn around and the supply chains improve, there are opportunities for Biden’s poll numbers to improve.

“But they’re not going to recover until we get this passed,” he added.

President Biden is currently facing the difficult task of winning Democratic support for a $1.75 trillion social safety-net spending plan and a $1 trillion infrastructure bill.


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