Joe Concha reacts to NYT equating 'freedom' to an 'anti-government slogan' amid Cuban protest


Fox News contributor Joe Concha joined “Fox News Primetime” to weigh in on the New York Time’s tweet covering the Cuban protest, where the paper of record equated “freedom” to an “anti-government” slogan.

JOE CONCHA: Look, at the New York Times you’re not surprised by this, right? They said on July 4th that the American flag is a divisive item. It’s a divisive symbol, that’s ridiculous. There was one New York Times reporter that went out Long Island and found that there were a lot of American flags on lawns and trucks and she called that, quote, disturbing, unquote. So look, overall, the Biden State Department has been echoed by many in soapbox media that say that these protests were a direct result of COVID or a lack of vaccine or medicine shortages and not, you know, a brutal dictatorship a failing economy and human rights abuses. CBS News, because you can’t let a crisis go to waste, blamed President Trump for Cuba’s economic woes. Quote, the Trump administration passed many more regulations, many more sanctions against it, which basically has cut off all income coming into Cuba oh, poor them.



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