Judge Jeanine: Voters are thinking this guy is a 'loser'


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‘The Five’ discuss how American’s view of Joe Biden is continuing to decline, viewing the president as ‘incompetent’ and ‘not focused’.

JEANINE PIRRO: Look, Greg, we’ve all known the guy is not with the program. We’ve known it for a long time. The numbers have been clear as far as we were concerned. But now it appears that it’s not just us. The voters know it. The voters know it. The polling shows it. You know, in the beginning, it’s like America was like, you know, let’s give the guy a chance. We elected him. Let’s give him a chance. You know, we’re not going to criticize him. But now it’s like we’re not even in two years. And they’re like, this guy’s a loser. This guy is incompetent. 57% say the president is distracted. 51% say he’s incompetent. 60% say he’s not focused. We’ve got inflation going through the roof. And they want to blame the media. 



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