Just bought a new Samsung Galaxy? You will be shocked by what it's now worth


If you’ve just treated yourself to a shiny new Galaxy S22 then you might want to stop reading now. New research has just been published which shows the winners and losers when it comes to smartphone depreciation and Samsung’s devices definitely aren’t leading the pack when it comes to holding their value.

According to phone trade-in site Sellcell.com, the Galaxy S22 lost a whopping 55 percent of its value just a few months after launch. That means a $999 (£820) Galaxy S22+ is worth just $530 (£430) just eight weeks after it’s purchased.

That’s a pretty dramatic drop and things look even worse for this device when you compare it to the iPhone. Some versions of Apple’s new iPhone 13 lost just six percent of their value over the same period.

For example, the iPhone 13 Pro Max costs $1,099 from an Apple Store but if a user wanted to sell it two months later it would still be worth over $1,000.

Along with the Galaxy S22, there’s also bad news for Google’s Pixel 6 which also dropped in value by around 40 percent after just two months.

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Apple devices have always had a habit of holding their value better than rival devices but these latest stats show just how much better things are for iPhone owners.

Speaking about the stats, Sellcell.com said: “If you buy a flagship from the likes of Samsung or Google, you’re looking at investing around the same amount of cash as you would an iPhone. With this in mind, if you buy a Samsung Galaxy S22 -the brand’s latest model – then you’d expect it to still be worth a significant portion of what you paid, right? Wrong.

“Unlike those who shrewdly buy an iPhone—with all the value retention that brings alongside a fantastic product—those who invest in Android alternatives like a Samsung or Google handset can find themselves significantly short-changed.”

Here are some of the trade-in values (in US Dollars) after just two months according to Sellcell.com.

Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G
PRICE NEW $1,599 • TRADE-IN VALUE $770 = 51.9% drop

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G
PRICE NEW $799 • TRADE-IN VALUE $461 = 42.4% drop

Google Pixel 6 Pro
PRICE NEW $999 • TRADE-IN VALUE $540 = 45.9% drop

iPhone 13 Pro Max
PRICE NEW $1,099 • TRADE-IN VALUE $1,057 = 3.8% drop

iPhone 13
PRICE NEW $799 • TRADE-IN VALUE $750 = 6.1% drop


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