'Just like showering': Woman shares dry shampoo hair hack to make clean hair last 3 days


US TikToker Alex James took to the app to share her clever dry shampoo tip to keep her hair feeling cleaner for longer. The hack has had over a million views on the app.

She explained wetting her hair before using dry shampoo is the key to boosting the efficiency of the product.

Alex said: “I have figured out the key to making sure your hair doesn’t get oily after one day, and I’m going to share it with you. I feel like this needs to be on the internet.”

The young woman told TikTok followers she used to have to wash her hair every day to stay on top of it.

She said: “I get greasy hair the same day that I wash it. I can shower in the morning and by the time I go to bed my hair is an oil bomb. It’s just how my hair works and I’ve accepted that. I’ve tried masks, I’ve tried not washing my hair for weeks…nothing works, until I started doing this.”

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She came across the hack by accident one morning and said: “I was on my way to school after dry shampooing my hair, and I was sweating because I was late to class.

“When I got to class my hair was a little damp from sweat. By the time my hair dried, it was clean. And it stayed clean for another three days.”

So, how can you utilise the hack at home? Alex explained: “Take a little spray bottle and fill it with water. You wet your hair with the dry shampoo in it. My boyfriend said it’s just like showering.

“I do this before I go to bed on the day that I shower and it makes my hair last for three more days. It doesn’t feel grainy, either. Put dry shampoo in your hair and get it a little wet, I swear to God. This makes my hair feel clean.”

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How to stop greasy hair

Don’t wash it too much

Washing your hair too much can actually cause your scalp to produce more grease to replace the oils it losing. Washing your hair every day is too often.

Don’t use conditioner on the scalp

If you are using conditioner, only apply it to the ends of your hair. Putting conditioner higher up the head with clog the scalps and encourage grease.

Change your diet

Eating grease food increases the production of grease on your skin, including the scalp. To avoid this, limit how much grease and fat you eat and eat more fruit and vegetables.

A TikTok hack to make hair silky smooth and treat hair overnight has gone viral.

The trend, known on TikTok as “hair slugging” will help you wake up to gorgeously glossy locks, according to advocates. 

TikTok user Monique Rapier (@Moniquemrapier) is a hair and beauty influencer with 300k followers on Instagram and over 433k followers on TikTok. She described the hair hack as “the best thing ever”.

In a video, which has currently amassed 39.7k likes, Monique shows how to do the hack at home with nothing more than some natural hair oil and a sock.


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