Kate Middleton and Zara Tindall's body language shows 'close bond' despite 'wariness'

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Kate Middleton has been part of the Royal Family since she married Prince William 10 years ago. As a working royal, the Duchess of Cambridge will regularly step out with her in-laws. 

Analysing pictures of the royals, body language expert Judi James explained they are close despite having some notable differences. 

The expert explained Kate is less likely than Zara to be tactile in public which could create “barriers”.

She said: “There’s an air of mirrored formality here with both women standing with their hands crossed in front of their torsos in a barrier gesture as they chat.”

Judi claimed the outing showed some distance, but this may have been due to the “wariness” of protocol.


However, the royals still managed to show some signs of “closeness”.

Judi continued: “This is a much less relaxed pose but Zara appears keen to inject some signals of closeness into it via the way her torso is leaning in closer to Kate as they speak.

“The mutual pleasure is there in their facial expressions but the mirrored barrier gesture suggests a wariness of royal protocol and pecking-orders while they are appearing in public.”

During more relaxed meetings, however, the royal women have been able to show more affection.

For example, the royals were once seen chatting while with Zara’s daughter.

Although she was busy with her children, Zara showed her appreciation from Kate as she still made an effort to speak with her.

Judi added: “With one daughter stuffed under her arm Zara might just have been too busy to chat to her cousin’s wife and even have an excuse to avoid her if this were a cooler relationship.

“But her attention looks fully on Kate here as the two women use face-to-face eye contact to suggest mutual enthusiasm for one another’s company.

“They use mirrored embrace rituals to mime a hug with Kate obviously happier to be tactile at this more casual event.”

The royal women have a lot in common so it is no surprise they seem close.

Both royals are around the same age with three children and a love of animals.

Zara is also believed to be close to Kate’s husband, Prince William.

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