Kate Middleton broke royal protocol this month to show she is ‘ready to be in charge’


There are many rules and regulations members of the Royal Family must follow when undertaking their daily duties. Many of these are according to tradition, which some of the younger royals are now choosing to change.

She finished the look with a black crocodile-embossed belt featuring a gold buckle.

The buttons on her top were also gold.

Once inside the museum, Kate took off her coat, allowing fans to see her top more clearly.

It had long sleeves and featured small gold buttons around the cuffs.

Elizabeth added that seeing Kate without her coat “made me happy” because the royal protocol “always felt like such an old-fashioned and uncomfortable thing”.

This is also personal stylist Samantha Harman’s opinion, and she told Express.co.uk: “Kate is supposed to keep her coat on indoors because of royal protocol.

“This rule is often attributed to the Queen who apparently deems taking off your coat in front of the public ‘unladylike’, although there isn’t any clear evidence on this.

“Even when Prince William is wearing a jumper or cardigan, the Duchess would still be in her coat.

“In 2021 this kind of thing comes across as old-fashioned.

“Why one rule for women and another for men?”

Samantha added: “Kate taking her coat off is a subtle way of saying ‘I’m human just like everyone else’ and also, ‘I’m ready to be in charge now’.”


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