Kate Middleton 'might envy' Pippa's 'more practical' parenting – 'looking breezily calm'


The Duchess of Cambridge seems like the perfect mother, always giving her children her full attention while carrying out royal duties. Her sister Pippa, however, shows a much more relaxed approach to parenting.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s parenting style is clearly conditioned by having all eyes on her.

Pippa Middleton, on the other hand, is able to enjoy a much more relaxed lifestyle away from public scrutiny.

Body language expert Judi James explained why Kate and Pippa have completely different parenting styles.

Judi said: “There appears to be a world of difference between Kate and Pippa when it comes to their parenting poses.

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“Pippa does appear to have inherited the Middleton knack of looking breezily calm and beautiful despite being loaded up with one small child walking beside her clutching the pram, a baby inside the pram, plus a whole load of baggage on the pram.

“The sign here is that this is her own personal balancing act, too.”

Judi said Kate “might envy” Pippa’s “relaxed” lifestyle with her children and her “more practical” parenting style.

She said: “Although Kate, as future Queen and mother of a future King, is the consummate pro in terms of presenting the pitch-perfect, immaculate Royal Family moments, it’s easy to have a sneaky suspicion that she might actually envy Pippa for her ability to stride out in comfort wearing trainers, macs and shades.”

Pippa Middleton, however, also has a very privileged life which includes 24-hour help raising her children in her £17million London home.

Despite her position, she is often seen around Notting Hill, in London, going for walks with her kids just like any other mum.

Pippa is sometimes seen “pushing luggage and children by herself in a way that many other parents have to do every day of their lives,” Judi said.

This is something the Duchess of Cambridge is not able to do.

Judi commented: “Kate’s elegant exterior suggests the swan through water comparison.

“Looking calm and beautiful on the surface while paddling away furiously underneath to achieve that effect.

“Her royal role shows her leading two or possible three young children clad in heels and the kind of stylish outfits that are not child-friendly.”

Judi continued: “Despite this she seems intent on being a very face-to-face mum, bending to the height of her children when talking to them and even part-kneeling in a bid to give them her full attention and to tune into their feelings and emotions.

“With the children so publicly on show like this she has to manage a tactile, close-up approach with ensuring a sense of fun but no tears of tantrums, alongside the normal royal demands.”

Judi explained that Kate “uses touch rituals and eye contact or face-watching as her tie-signs and these can be a constant form of non-verbal reassurance, checking and communication touches that will help her tune in to her children when they appear in public.

“For Pippa the bonding looks a lot more relaxed.

“Looking down at her small child with pride she’s got fewer eyes on her and less public scrutiny, allowing what might be a more practical approach, with her hair tied back and a fond-looking smile on her face,” she said.


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