King Charles 'could renounce' his claim on Australia ex-PM says – 'Wouldn't be surprised'


Ex-Australian PM Paul Keating has made a surprising remark that King Charles could renounce his claim on Australia, a news report has stated. Calling King Charles “a constitutional aberration”, Mr Keating said Queen Elizabeth and her family hoped Australia would vote to become a republic in the 1999 referendum.

Mr Keating, 78, was in conversation with a Sydney University professor where he made the astonishing statements.

He also slammed the Australian public for not voting for a republic when the Queen “didn’t want” to hold on to Australia, saying “Australians have so little pride in themselves”.

He said: “I think the Royal Family would have been so glad for the referendum to have passed, to be honest.

“I wouldn’t be at all surprised if King Charles the Third, the King of Australia, doesn’t volunteer … to renounce his claim on Australia.”

Mr Keating said a monarch based on the other side of the world could not properly represent Australians.

He said: “’Who in their right mind could believe that the monarch of Great Britain could represent our aspirations here?

“We occupy one of the oldest land masses, the oldest continents on Earth, perhaps the oldest societies on Earth – it’s so pathetic.

“Charles the Third, King of Australia, is a constitutional aberration. That’s what it is.”

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He said: “Why would you? We fluffed it (in 1999).

“If Australians have so little pride in themselves, so little pride that they are happy to be represented by the monarch of Great Britain, why would somebody like me want to shift their miserable view of themselves?”


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