Kremlin coup could oust Putin warns ex-Russian minister – ‘To the grave or retirement’


He said: “Many Russian tsars were killed. Many were dismissed one way or the other.

“Even in the Soviet Union, there were ways; Stalin was said to have been poisoned, Khrushchev was just escorted out of the Kremlin.

“With Putin, I very much expect there to be resistance growing and discontent growing that will be resolved one way or another.

“I don’t know which way but Russian history is full of unexpected outcomes.”

Analysts have speculated about Putin’s mental health writing on Twitter earlier this week but Mr Kozyrev argued that there was a “horrific” logic to his decision to invade.

He said: “It’s horrific but it’s not irrational. To understand why the invasion was rational for Putin, we have to step into his shoes.”

From Putin’s perspective there was a need to bring Kyiv back under Kremlin dominance following the pro-EU Maidan movement that ousted Pro-Moscow President Viktor Yanukovych.

Kozyrev told The Times that Putin miscalculated “but that doesn’t make him insane. Simply wrong and immoral.”

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However, Mr Kozyrev does not believe that Putin has suicidal nuclear intentions.

He said: “He’s just a kind of guy able to be brazen and he has more risk tolerance and that’s the problem with the West.”


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