Kyrie to Stay in Brooklyn

Rumors have been swirling around the NBA for weeks that Kyrie Irving was going to be on the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Dallas Mavericks, or the Los Angeles Clippers to start the 2022 season. However, those who bet at a real money online casino for him to stay with the Brooklyn Nets are the ones who ended up with the money.

NBA insiders Adrain Wojnarowski for ESPN, and Shams Charania for the Athletic, both reported heavier and heavier days leading up to the opt-in deadline that the Lakers and Kyrie Irving had mutual interest. So what happened?

The Contract

Kyrie Irving was in a very peculiar situation when it came to who was deciding where he could play next season. But to understand that, you first need to understand the contract Kyrie Irving was on.

Kyrie Irving was given a contract in 2019 by the Brooklyn Nets that would last three seasons with a player option in the fourth. So what does that mean?

After three seasons, Kyrie could either opt into the fourth year with the salary already agreed upon or decide to opt-out and seek a new contract for any team he likes.

Were the Nets Kyries First Choice?

All signs point to the Lakers being the former number one overall pick choice when it came to what team he wanted to play for. Kyrie first gave a list of five or so teams he was interested in playing for, including the Mavericks, the Heat, the 76ers, the Clippers, and the Lakers. Each team besides the Lakers looked at Kyrie’s history of missing basketball games and decided they liked their futures better without him, but the Lakers, after missing the playoffs last season, were desperate.

The closer we got to the day Kyrie had to choose whether he wanted to opt-in or out of his contract, the more rumors there were of the Lakers pursuing him and him wanting to play in LA.

Why Didn’t it Work With The Lakers?

Unfortunately for the Lakers, they were all tied up in the salary cap to sign the big-time star to big-time money. There were rumors of Kyrie taking the mid-level exception and being given a 1-year 6 million dollar contract for 2022-23. But since Kyrie opted into his contract for 36 million dollars, clearly, this wasn’t going to happen. T

There was one last shot for Lebron and company to acquire Kyrie, and that was a sign and trade.

If Kyrie were to opt back into the final year of his contract, the Lakers and Nets could have agreed on a trade to send Kyrie to LA, along with Brooklyn getting return value in whatever they are returned.

Since Kyrie officially said he’d be playing for the Nets next season, it’s clear the Lakers and Nets front offices could not agree upon a fair trade. I’m sure the Lakers tried to deal Russel Westbrook, and the Nets declined. The Nets probably asked for Anthony Davis, and the Lakers hung up the phone.


After a week of drama, it turns out it was all for nothing. One moment, everyone thinks Kyrie and Lebron will have a reunion in LA, along with Kevin Durant requesting a trade out of Brooklyn since his friend Kyrie was going to be gone. But at the end of the day, they’ll be playing together in New York, along with Ben Simmons, just like they planned on doing when they both signed contracts with the team.

If all goes right, the amount of talent on that team should be enough to make them serious threats in the Eastern Conference. However, there always seems to be off-the-court drama that gets in the way of winning in Brooklyn.

When the two stars left their respective teams to team up together in Brooklyn, many fans asked themselves how many rings they would win together. Since teaming up, the duo has only one singular playoff series win.


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