Lady Kitty Spencer vs Princess Diana: Royal wedding body language compared

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Princess Diana was just 20 years old when she tied the knot with Prince Charles at St Paul’s Cathedral on July 29, 1981. Four decades later her niece Lady Kitty Spencer married her billionaire beau Michael Lewis, 62, in a spectacular wedding in Rome at the weekend.

Kitty has inherited her late aunt’s great beauty and both women’s wedding days have elements in common.

Diana’s bold puffball dress made jaws drop at the time with its seven and a half metre long train and it is considered iconic to this day.

While Kitty wowed fans in a gorgeous white lace Dolce and Gabbana (D&G) gown that the fashion house posted photos of her in on Instagram.

On Monday D&G posted a new clip of Kitty trying on dresses ahead of her wedding day.

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Kitty was a whole decade older than Diana on her big day and her confidence shows, Judi explained.

The analyst told “These two Spencer women both married older husbands and, with Kitty’s father seemingly missing from her wedding while Diana’s day was rather marred by the sight of Camilla sitting in the pews, both women seem to have shared experiences of drama and rifts behind all the idyllic smiles.

“Kitty though is a beautiful, assertive-looking woman while Diana was essentially a lovely and rather naïve-looking young girl on her wedding day.”

Kitty’s wedding has all the hallmarks of being her own gorgeous production, from the five dresses she appeared into the romantic setting and poses with her husband. For Diana though it was a day that was controlled for her.”

Even Diana’s first kiss with Prince Charles was curated, Judi claimed.


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She added: “Even her kiss with her new husband on the balcony had to be cleared first when Charles asked his mother’s permission.”

Kitty on the other hand seems “assertive” and at ease in her wedding day footage.

Judi said: “Kitty looks confident and assertive. She is even shown during her dress fitting to suggest she had input during every stage.

“Each of the five dresses she wears are modelled to perfection, with a change of body language from demure Victorian bride to the more celebrity, red carpet feel of some of her other poses.

“Her video shows a partly professional approach to her dresses as she is shown very much in model mode.”

Diana’s mood seemed to wax and wane on her wedding day and she showed glimpses of sadness, Judi said.

She added: “Diana’s much more diffident smile flickered on and off like a candle flame on her wedding day.

The expert added: “She looked in awe of Charles and determined to present an air of idealistic romanticism but her facial expressions were changing from a coy smile of delight to a look of utter sadness as she arrived and made her way into the cathedral.

“Diana also looked overwhelmed by her dress. It had creased and crumpled in the car and the veil blew about in the wind.”

As a professional model, Kitty didn’t face the same challenges as Diana when it came to handling her dress.

Judi added: “Kitty’s experience as a model meant she looked totally at home in her immaculate dress, styling it out with elegance and confidence.

“Kitty also looked very much like the one leading some of the romantic poses with her husband.

“Her kiss on the balcony entailed a tender facial touch that suggested she instigated the moment, which is a world away from the balcony kiss between Diana and Charles, where Diana threw her head back to bare her neck in an act of submission and romantic love while Charles looked awkward and a lot more tentative.”

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