Lewis Hamilton faces severe penalties if he defies FIA's jewellery ban rule


Repeat offenders risk being fined £85,400, plus the £21,350 from the probationary period. A third violation is apparently worth around £213,500 and the deduction of 10 championship points per offence. Teams who do not tell the ‘truth’ about their drivers’ jewellery risk being fined £213,500.

Former world champion Jenson Button agrees with the FIA and has pointed out that the rules are there to protect drivers at all times – not just when on the circuit. He told Sky Sports: “It is not just what happens at the circuit, it is when they take the crash helmet off, is it going to pull on the ear and then the marshal feels bad that he’s hurt you?

“Or, it could be if you are taken to the hospital and they have to do an x-ray or an MRI, you can’t have metal in your face either. It is a tricky one and it is weird we are talking about it. There are so many things to talk about in motorsport and F1 at the moment and we are talking about that.”


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