Lewis Hamilton launches Pirelli defence as Brit responds to Max Verstappen criticism

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World champion Lewis Hamilton believes Pirelli was not at fault for the Baku tyre blow-outs, which saw Max Verstappen and Lance Stroll bth hurtle full-speed into the wall in Azerbaijan, prompting questions over teams adjusting tyre pressures.

Verstappen and Stroll both endured terrifying accidents in Baku, as their left rear tyres suffered blowouts along the start/finish straight.

Pirelli concluded that the blowouts related to the ‘running conditions of the tyre,’ with ‘no production or quality defect’ on any of the tyres, with no sign of ‘fatigue or delamination’.

Verstappen was left unsatisfied with their explanation, calling it ‘vague’, and remained adamant both Aston Martin and Red Bull had followed the strict guidelines from Pirelli regarding the running parameters.

However, Hamilton suggested it could be down to what individual teams are doing.

“As you know, every weekend, whenever there is a failure, they always put the pressures up – so that tells you something,” Hamilton said, ahead of the French Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen unhappy with ‘vague’ Pirelli tyre blowout explanation

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