Liberal-run cities to refund police budgets as crime skyrockets: 'The Big Saturday Show' reacts

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New York, Los Angeles and Baltimore are only a few U.S. cities that are now reversing decisions to defund their police departments. Fox News contributors Leo Terrell, Lisa Boothe and Tammy Bruce as well as Fox News chief breaking news correspondent Trace Gallagher joined “The Big Saturday Show” to discuss the rise in violent crime in cities across America and how liberal-run cities are choosing to fund their police departments. 

Gallagher pointed out that Democrat mayors in New York, Los Angeles and Baltimore are now backpedaling on their vows to slash police budgets as residents are in an uproar over crime surges. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that his city will invest $92 million in a new police precinct after he slashed $1 billion of the NYPD’s budget last summer. 

“Until Joe Biden and Kamala Harris talk about law and order, [crime] is going to continue,” said Terrell. “Let’s face it…Antifa and Black Lives Matter control the Democratic Party.”

“Defunding the police is popular with Democrats. It’s a fundamental reason why I left the Democratic Party,” Terrell added. “They do not believe in law and order.”

“What we’re seeing across the country is that Democrats have created this culture of impunity for criminals” stated Boothe. “Look at what happened with Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This is a guy who had a warrant out for felony sexual assault, showed up at a woman’s house, tried to steal her keys, put a cop in a headlock, fought police, evaded being tased and then pulled a knife on the police and then they shot him.”

Boothe also criticized Joe Biden’s statement blaming Blake’s death on systematic racism. “Kamala Harris went and met with Jacob Blake and said she was proud of him. This is a man who had a warrant out for sexual assault and she said she was proud of him” said Boothe. “They don’t want law and order – they want this culture of impunity for criminals.”

“The bottom line is very simple. The criminals are aware that they’re not going to be prosecuted. And this is the problem with the current democratic regime,” said Terrell. “Until Joe Biden and Kamala Harris condemn this, it is green light for criminals.”


Gallagher asked Bruce how to convince police to robustly do their jobs and to believe that their superiors and politicians will have their backs.

“Police don’t arrest because they know they’re going to be right out within 30 minutes,” Bruce said. “That’s why these things are happening. It’s not that more people are becoming criminals, but it’s that the people who normally would have been in jail for a period of time and maybe learning a lesson, find out that they can act with impunity.”  

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