Liverpool fans urged to copy Man Utd over FSG as Glazer protests cause postponement


Gary Neville has suggested that Liverpool supporters should take inspiration from their Manchester United counterparts in recognising the danger posed by owners Fenway Sports Group in the wake of last month’s European Super League debacle. Red Devils supporters have been vocal in their disapproval of the Glazer family and have stepped up their opposition with a number of protests in recent weeks.

The club’s training facility at Carrington was blocked by a group of angry fans last month, before Sunday’s match against Liverpool was postponed after a large-scale demonstration posed a number of safety concerns.

Thousands of United supporters congregated outside Old Trafford to make their voices heard, before breaching security and making their way onto the pitch and into the stands.

The new date for the rearranged fixture is yet to be announced, with its postponement ending Manchester City’s hopes of being confirmed as Premier League champions with four games to spare in the event of a Liverpool victory.

Much of the anger stemmed from the Glazer family’s decision to sign up for the Super League, which appears to be in disarray after nine clubs pulled out of the competition as a result of the subsequent backlash.

Neville, who won eight Premier League titles with United during his career, has been highly critical of the club’s owners as of late but reserved some of his fury for FSG, who were responsible for brokering Liverpool’s involvement in the competition.

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The 46-year-old suggested to Sky Sports that the Reds owners are no better than the Glazers, claiming that supporters should be angrier about their recent shortcomings.

“Let’s talk about FSG a little bit,” said Neville. “They’ve been part of four things in the past 12 months which are desperate signs. They’re acting desperately behind the scenes.

“They furloughed their players, that is very un-Liverpool-like. They tried to cut their wages behind the scenes, they’ve gone for the Project Big Picture and tried to change the 14 and six rule in English football.

“Now, along with the Glazers, they’ve tried to create a Super League. These are desperate actions from the owners of Liverpool Football Club.


“I think they’re struggling at the moment, through Covid obviously, economic issues like loads of businesses have all around the world, but they’re acting desperately.

“At this moment in time, I accept that Manchester United fans are angrier with the Glazers than Liverpool fans are [with FSG].

“But the Liverpool fans need to see the danger of what FSG are doing, because they are acting desperately behind the scenes.”

Neville’s comments have previously been echoed by former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher, who launched a scathing attack on FSG after the Super League plans were initially unveiled last month.

He suggested that their days could be numbered on Merseyside, admitting that the fiasco had torched their relationship with supporters to the point of no return and highlighting the opposition from within Liverpool’s ranks.

“Jurgen Klopp has thrown them under a bus [by condemning the Super League], their own captain has thrown them under a bus with the rest of the squad,” Carragher told Sky Sports.

“There’s nothing left for Liverpool’s owners in what they’re doing and what they’re hanging on for. I actually think the situation with Liverpool’s owners right now is I don’t see how they will continue.

“They can’t just leave the club, because it’s a business, it’s worth a lot of money, but I don’t see a future of FSG at Liverpool anymore. You just think it will be worse for them the longer they hang in.”


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