Liz Cheney removed from leadership for distracting from party's message for 2022: Schlapp

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American Conservative Union chair Matt Schlapp said Wednesday that Liz Cheney was ousted from her committee because she was distracting people from the Republican Party’s message for 2022. 

MATT SCHLAPP: I’ve been talking to a lot of members one on one and I think the overwhelming belief of these members, including a lot of women members—Republican women members of Congress—is they felt like Liz Cheney was distracted by Trump derangement syndrome.

She was so transfixed on taking every reporter to question about her belief that Trump incited a riot or her belief that Trump should have been impeached or whatever fantasy of the day that was focused on the never-Trump crowd that it was getting them off-topic.

When you’re Chairman of the House Republican Conference your number one job is the message. All the Republicans that want to pick up the majorities in the House and Senate know that we have a singular message. Push back on the socialism and the radical policies coming out of the Biden White House with Nancy Pelosi’s leadership in the house. Focus on these policies. We have gas lines in northern Virginia and across the country. Focus on the Republican policies that would fix these problems in society. Stop talking about how you—what your feelings are about the Donald Trump presidency.


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