Lots of ladybirds in your house? How to get rid of ladybird infestation in 6 simple steps

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While ladybirds are helpful garden visitors, these delicately winged bugs can be a nuisance when gathered in the corners of your home. The old saying goes spotting one of these patterned beetles on your property could bring you good luck – but if you’re feeling less optimistic, there are a few things you can do to stop them.

How to get rid of ladybird infestation in your home

Autumnal infestations of ladybirds are one of the first signs of winter’s approach.

With the heat of the sun a rare occurrence from October onwards, groups of these patterned insects are seeking out the warmth of our homes as a refuge from the plummeting cold weather.

Fill your home with mum plants

Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, are an elegant bloom which can be potted and grown indoors to repel ladybirds.

While the aesthetic of these low maintenance flowers is attractive to homeowners, their strong scent has quite the opposite effect on ladybirds.

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Sweeping and vacuuming

Regular cleaning will remove infestations of ladybirds in an instant, allowing whole colonies of these beetle insects to be banished from your home at once.

Physically relocating the colony will discourage more from joining if the infestation is out of hand.

Wash the area with soap immediately after cleaning to eliminate any chemical trails used to attract more bugs.

Dish soap

Spray a colony with soapy water or leave a bowl of it near a light source where they are prone to gather.

The thickness of the soap keeps the ladybugs from escaping the water.

Duct Tape

Trap hard to reach ladybugs with duct tape by wrapping it around your hand or finger and gathering them on the sticky side of the tape

Safely collect the colony and relocate them outside or leave the duct tape on a surface for an effortless trap.

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