Macron under huge pressure as France turns back on Afghan migrants: 'We don't want them!'


The EU is still reeling from the refugee crisis of 2015 that was caused by the wars in Syria and Libya. Several political leaders in France have expressed their fears of an imminent influx of refugees from Afghanistan. They are challenging EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen who said on Saturday that it is the bloc’s “moral duty” to aid those fleeing the Taliban.

French MEP Julie Lechanteux tweeted: “It is unacceptable that the EU decides instead of the Member States on the reception of Afghan migrants!

“We are fighting this deadly EU pro-immigration policy and we will continue to do so!”

Another MEP, Nicolas Bay, echoed these words and said: “99 percent of Afghans support the application of the Sharia law.

“85 percent are in favour of stoning women.

“These are sufficient arguments to say that we do not want them here.”

He added: “The majority of afghans do not share our values.

“85 percent of Afghan Muslims, for example, are in favour of stoning.

“Are these the people that mayors want to welcome?”

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French presidential candidate for 2022 Francois Asselineau said: “When Clement Beaune says there will be no complacency with the Taliban regime, he shows that he doesn’t understand what an Afghan woman can feel in front of the corpse of her child killed by NATO bombs.

“On the other hand, when Putin denounces the ‘irresponsible’ nature of the policy of the West which consists in ‘imposing foreign values’ on the Afghans, he once again proves that he is a real statesman, like de Gaulle.”

Mr Asselineau added: “Putin is right when he said, we must stop this desire to build democracy in other countries according to foreign models, without taking into account historical, national or religious peculiarities, completely ignoring the traditions according to which other peoples lives’.”

President Macron last week said France should have a robust plan to “anticipate and protect itself from a wave of migrants”.

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He urged Europe to help those most threatened in Afghanistan but added: “Europe alone cannot assume the consequences of the current situation.”

The news comes as the US has put pressure on their special forces not to venture into Kabul amid risks of being captured by the Taliban.

However, US special forces are still conducting rescue missions in Kabul.

American media have reported that a US officer told British special forces that their rescue operations were making America “look bad” politically.

Referring to the media report a UK special forces source told the Mirror: “It is true that there have been robust conversations in recent days out there, but these are very professional soldiers doing an extremely difficult job.

“There has been no long-term fallout between special forces groups on the ground and they are working quite brilliantly together on the rescue mission.”

The source added that SAS operatives have “groomed” Taliban fighters into easing pressure on the evacuation.

They continued: “There is a very unlikely but practical relationship being formed by extremely adept UK special forces operators out there in leveraging the Taliban.

“This is a purely practical development in order to ensure as many British and entitled Afghans get out of the country safely and as soon as possible.”


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