Macron warned to brace for unexpected opponent in second election round ‘It will be me’


In the last few days leading up to Sunday’s first round of France’s presidential election, polls show Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will most likely qualify for the second round – a repeat of the 2017 French presidential election. But French presidential hopeful Eric Zemmour doesn’t believe the outcome will be the same this time around.  He told French broadcaster France Inter: “I am convinced that I will be the one in the second round. I don’t believe in these polls.”

“I think that the political dynamic is on my side. All the objective elements of political dynamics, meaning full houses, fervour, TV ratings.”

Radio show host Léa Salamé cut him off, saying: “The dynamic is her (Marine Le Pen).”

The latest French polls have shown a narrowing gap between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, with one poll giving 25 percent to Le Pen and 28 percent to Macron in the first round.

Eric Zemmour, however, remains at 11 percent.

“The number in my party. This is all me”, Mr Zemmour added to his list of ‘objective elements’ contributing to his political dynamic.

Mr Zemmour, known for his radical agenda on immigration and Islam, launched his Reconquest Party in a viral YouTube video last December.

Though his party siphoned away some members of Marine Le Pen’s far-right party and part of her electoral base, his candidacy has failed to gain momentum in the last few weeks of the race.

He rose to second place in the polls behind Mr Macron in February, but his candidacy has since been losing traction.

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He continued: “And in 2019, the polls promised between three and five regions to Marine Le Pen. She got none.”

The latest polls show Macron would beat Le Pen in the second round with a slimmer margin than in 2017.

While Macron won with a 33 percent margin in 2017, he would win an eight percent gap in April 24’s run-off.

“I will not abandon the people of Reconquest, I will not abandon the people who follow me, and simply for one good reason, which is that I will be in the second round, and on the morning of 25 April, I will be either president of the republic or leader of the opposition”, Mr Zemmour concluded.


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