Makeup stains: How to remove the 4 worst makeup stains from clothes

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Makeup is good fun and deemed essential for many women who enjoy wearing it, but the stains can be more trouble than it’s worth. From foundation stains on necklines, lipstick marks on blouses, and powder stains on your trousers. chatted to makeup artist at Saffron Hughes, to find out how to remove the four worst makeup stains from clothes.

When it comes to removing makeup stains, your method matters as much as the products you use.

Saffron said: “Before we start let’s set ground rules. NEVER rub the stain!

“Rubbing the stain will force the product deeper into the threads of your clothing.

“You should also always wash the clothing after treatment for best results.”

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Liquid foundation stain

Foundation stains are one of the most troublesome makeup stains, but you can use shaving cream if your foundation is oil-free.

Saffron said: “Simply dampen the stained area with cold water and apply the shaving cream directly on and wait 10 minutes.

“Then, blot gently with your fingers before placing the clothing in warm water and washing.

“If your foundation is oil-based, you would need a product that will counter the oil.

“Dish soap will work great for removing the grease, wet the area before applying a small amount directly to the stain.

“Let it sit for five minutes before scrubbing away lightly with a toothbrush.”

Lipstick stain

Lipstick is made up of both oil and wax, so it’s a tough stain to remove.

Saffron said: “No matter how long the stain has been there, scrape off any excess with a blunt edge of a dull knife.

“To cut through the oil, apply two drops of detergent directly onto the stain.
“Allow the product to sit on the garment for five minutes.

“Depending on how big the stain is, you can either rinse off now or apply a few drops of water and slowly but firmly dab the stain away with a toothbrush.”

The expert warned: “Ensure you apply the solution to both sides of the stain and wash after removal for maximum results.

“If you need a quick fix, spritz a little hairspray onto the stain, let it sit for three minutes before gently dabbing away. Sellotape is also handy to transfer fresh lipstick off delicate fabrics.”

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Powder stain

The powder has no oil, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to remove – many people try and brush it off and it makes the stain worse.

Saffron said: “As powder has no oil, it’s seemingly easier to remove but the best results happen when you act fast.

“First, blow on the stain and remove as much excess as possible with a hairdryer. Be sure to keep the heat at medium as high heat is a fixing agent.

“Quickly dab a small amount of oil-free makeup remover on the stain using a cotton pad until the stain disappears.”

If the stain has been sitting on your garment for a long time, you can use a different method.

She added: “Mix a blend (1:2) of white vinegar and water to dab onto the stain using a cotton ball.

“Beforehand, test out the solution on a small part of your garment to ensure the original colour doesn’t lift.”

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