Massage: Natural Antidepressant


As you know, massage benefits and improves not only the body but also the soul. Therapists agree on the positive effect of massage on the psychological state of people suffering from depression. During the massage, endorphins are produced in the human body – hormones that have the ability to reduce pain and affect the emotional state of a person. In addition, massage improves mood, calms, and relieves stress – during a massage, the level of the stress hormone cortisol significantly decreases.

How does massage help to cope with depression, anxiety, and panic states? Of course, massage cannot completely cure depression, but it will help a person get rid of many negative symptoms associated with it. For example, massage helps to cope with motor retardation, pain in the body, joints, and decreased muscle tone. Also, massage improves the quality of sleep and helps fight headaches. Relaxation and removal of emotional tension are felt literally from the first minutes of the session. By relieving physical tension, massage promotes emotional relaxation because a person’s physical condition directly affects his emotional background.

Auxiliary therapy, which includes Montreal massage, will help get rid of various psychosomatic problems. For stress and depression, relaxing massage, aromatherapy massage, and stone therapy are the best, as it helps to discover the world of harmony and peace.

What Are the Manipulations Used During a Relaxation Massage Session

Three different massage maneuvers are usually used to stimulate the muscles adequately and instill relaxation and well-being in the body:
Touch – when very slow and circular movements are used to stimulate the nerve centers of the body.
Kneading – a deeper maneuver through which it is possible to act on the muscle and connective tissue by applying pressure with the hands and circular movements.
Friction – is mainly used for neck, back, and leg massages. This type of manipulation is ideal for regulating blood circulation and is performed with more sustained pressure than kneading.

What Is the Ideal Environment to Carry Out and Receive the Relaxation Massage

The environment and atmosphere play fundamental roles when giving or receiving a relaxing massage in Montreal. Therefore, every little aspect must be considered and used in the best possible way to convey a feeling of peace and harmony and thus promote relaxation of both body and mind.

To create the right atmosphere, interruptions and external distractions must be banned, so make sure you have silenced your smartphone. Even better if you have also deactivated the vibration.

What Benefits Can We Receive from Relax Massage?

The primary benefit of this type of massage in Montreal is obviously both mental and physical relaxation. In addition to this, the relaxation massage offers countless other benefits, including:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety;
  • Helps fight insomnia;
  • It can help relieve depression;
  • Reduces blood pressure;
  • Improve breathing;
  • Decreases the sense of fatigue;
  • Stimulates endorphins;
  • Relaxes the muscles;
  • Smoothes and improves the skin condition, eliminating dead cells;
  • Relieves pain caused by migraine and cervical.

To promote relaxation, you can also rely on the use of warm and soft lights, perfumes for the environment, and incense suitable for this purpose. And, of course, creams and massage oils with a relaxing impact can be used.

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