Meghan loves style trend that Queen was 'not a fan' of – but Camilla should follow suit


The Royal Family have access to some of the most incredible clothing in the world, but the royals have to adhere to a stricter style protocol than most. Duchess Meghan Markle is an avid trouser wearer, although this is something Queen Elizabeth II was rarely seen out wearing.

Personal Stylist Melissa Lund told that Queen Camilla “rarely wears trousers for public engagements”.

Whether this is because she doesn’t think she suits them or she does not deem them to be “appropriate” enough is unknown. 

The expert stated: “The late Queen was not a fan of women in trousers and although this wasn’t a rule as such, it was certainly her preference that the women in the Royal Family didn’t wear them.”

Indeed, Queen Elizabeth II was snapped wearing fewer than 10 pairs of trousers during the entirety of her 70-year reign.

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However, not all royal women took heed of this advice – “both Meghan and Kate ignored it”, according to the stylist.

Indeed, Meghan Markle donned a pair of ripped jeans during her first appearance with Prince Harry in 2017. 

At the Invictus Games, the now Duchess stepped out in a pair of skinny denim jeans, with rips at the knees, paired with a loose white blouse.

She has been spotted wearing ripped jeans since then, and some royal fans have had something to say about it.


Global luxury hotel expect @LuxeTiffany tweeted in 2019: “I usually like what she wears, but I think ripped jeans are one item #MeghanMarkle needs to ditch from her Royal Wardrobe in public.

“There’s a level of sophistication that comes with joining the Royal Family, and this doesn’t cut it (no pun intended). #justsaying #Royals.

On the other hand, @heythererobyn said: “Anytime I wear a button-down shirt and ripped jeans combo I think to myself, ‘Am I channelling my inner Meghan Markle today?’. 

The Duchess of Sussex has worn trousers several more times since being under the royal spotlight. 

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Melissa believes that Camilla could also benefit from adding a few pairs of trousers to her wardrobe – as long as they are the correct style.

She stated: “I think that Camilla could wear trousers for her public engagements if she wanted to. A slim-cut (but not skinny) style would work well under the coat dresses that she likes. 

“This look is very Armani – chic, understated and suitable for all ages. It would be a good option for her and would update her look.”

Camilla tried this look when she attended a Gurkha reception at Edinburgh Palace in November 2017 and Melissa said it was a “great” look.

As for the type of trousers Meghan now goes for, she wore denim skinny jeans and a white blazer at the Invitus Games earlier this year in the Netherlands, in April.

In September, she stepped out in Manchester in head-to-toe red including slim-fit trousers, and the next day in Germany in wide-legged pink pants and a white halterneck top.

Future Queen Kate Middleton is also partial to a pair of trousers, even if they weren’t Queen Elizabeth II’s personal style.

Just last week she stepped out in navy slim-fit trousers and a crisp, baby blue blouse in Northern Ireland, and the week before wore black trousers in Wales paired with a red coat.


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